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Some happy students! 

‘I wanted to say that your teaching methods and knowledge are outstanding and I have learnt so much since starting classes with you. 

You are patient, forthcoming with information and explanations and you talk with intelligence. I am able to pick up what you are teaching me so quickly and that is down to your personality and understanding of people. 

I am enjoying every moment of my classes and look forward to wearing my completed tweed dress. This dress means a lot to me, as you know, and it is all the more special because I have been able to have one to one lessons with you and have fun making it. 

You are fun yet professional, and to my mind you have exactly what it takes to be an excellent teacher. If only they were all like you! 'Thank you' will never say enough.

Sam H.

'I have spent many hours searching through pattern books trying to find just what I wanted. It never happened and the result never fitted. I never dreamt that I could make my own patterns. Thanks to Bobbie’s pattern cutting classes I  now see the way to having clothes that I like and that fit'   Pat Cannell

'I attended one of Bobbie’s 10-week pattern drafting courses and I was very impressed with her incredible knowledge as well as her friendly teaching style. She really worked hard to make sure everyone understood all of the principles we learned and gave us all the confidence to try something new! I’d recommend her classes to anyone - she’s is very very talented.'  Lindsay Orridge

'I recently took one of Bobbie's overlocker workshops which I found to be well prepared and organized.  Bobbie knows her way around a large variety of machines. I had the opportunity to play with my own machine under her expert guidance.  She demystified the overlocker, which had previously seemed like such a daunting piece of equipment.  After just two hours I left feeling inspired and filled with confidence to get stuck in and to have a go on my own.' Melanie Lissillour

I really enjoy my pattern cutting lessons with Bobbie, and always leave feeling that I have learnt something new, and more confident in my ability. Bobbie's studio where the lessons are held has amazing views across the countryside and it is a really inspiring and idyllic place to work on your designs. She is a fabulous teacher and knows everything there is to know about pattern cutting. Jen Harris

Your workshop on buying fabrics online was great, I thought you pitched it well to a mixed group with varying levels of knowledge and experience. I realized that there was a lot I didn't know and it has rekindled my interest  in modern textiles. I suspect I will be out buying more fabrics pretty soon. I loved and was most envious of your studio space! Many thanks for a most enjoyable morning. Julia

I have thoroughly enjoyed all of Bobbie’s courses and workshops, especially those at her beautiful home studio. She is a knowledgeable, enthusiastic and supportive tutor. I always leave her class feeling inspired by fresh ideas and keen to put into practice the new techniques that I had been shown. Mary Jane Barnes

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